Saturday, 20 July 2013



Simple bit of flying this time – circuits.  It’s been a while since I flew in the circuit so a bit of practice was overdue.  runway in use today was 08R and the instructor wanted me to practice glide approaches.  This is an approach and landing without power.

First circuit was a simple practice flight and on final approach the aircraft encountered a sink area over some trees where the aircraft lost height rapidly and which required quite a bit of power to overcome.  On the second circuit (which was a glide approach)  and being aware if the sink area I approached high to allow for it but even so I had to apply power to get the aircraft back on position.  So not a great glide approach then.  Next circuit I came in even higher and the same thing happened.  The sink area required a short burst of power to continue on track.  Instructor expresses surprise as she thought I would have made this one.

Anyway it was the on to flapless approach, which was fine and then another attempt at a glide.  Again the sink area caught me out and I needed power to get to the runway.

So seven circuits in all and I never did get the glide approach to work.

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