Friday, 26 July 2013

Ground Exams

Having passed my Aviation Law and Human Performance exams it was time to schedule the rest of the ground exams. Pretty tight timescale as they all need to be done before 1st September 2013 as the CAA is changing the syllabus and adding extra exams.

Schedule was as follows.

18th July – Meteorology and Communications

20th July – Navigation

26th July – Aircraft Technical and Flight Planning and Performance.

Anyway, all exams went to schedule and I passed all of them scoring between 80% and 95% Pass mark was 75%. So they are now valid for two years and I now have to pass my skills test before 26th July 2015 or I have to do them all again.

It took me a lot of time studying and I had to take time off work both for studying and the actual exams themselves. I found the Navigation and Meteorology exams a bit challenging but passed them both at first attempt.

Must say, I’m rather glad they are over and done with.

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