Thursday, 24 June 2010

First Solo

Off to Redhill again today – another hot and sunny morning with a slight wind.  Instructor asked me to bring my map – first time that’s happened so I was wondering what was going on.  Taxi over for fuel (first time I’ve done that), then on to the circuit.  Runway 26L in use with right hand circuits.  First few circuits were Ok but landings were a bit bumpy now and again.

On one circuit, the Instructor told me to land and taxi over to the Tower.  Instructor got out and told me to fly a circuit on my own – my first solo in a DA-20 Katana at Redhill.  So usual checks, get ATC clearance and taxi on to the runway.  Then it’s take-off – then it sunk in there was no-one else there, flying the aircraft was entirely up to me.  Good take-off and on to the circuit.  Aircraft climbed a lot faster with only one person in it and I was quickly at circuit height of 1200ft.  Then on to downwind, checks and radio calls done, so I had a chance to enjoy the view.  Then on to base leg and landing.  No problems at all and I even did a reasonable landing. 

In the circuit I was very aware that I was on my own – if I got it wrong there was no-one there to get me out of it.  Even so, flying an aircraft by myself was a fantastic feeling and looking forward to more solo flights.

Two flying entries today for my logbook.  40 mins flying time with 3 landings on exercises 12 and 13.  Then 20 mins flying time with me as Pilot in Command, exercise 14 (solo flight) with 1 landing.

So, a couple more hours of solo flying then it will be on to Flight Navigation.  Another subject to learn with a tricky exam at the end of it.

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