Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Even Even More Circuits

Off to Redhill this morning – hot and sunny with no real wind.  Back in the Circuit again today with Runway 08R in use with left hand circuits.  Flying just about Ok – not brilliant but not too bad.  On one circuit a Cessna was in frot of me travelling slowly, so Instructor told me to do an Orbit – first time I’ve heard of one of these.  Basic idea is that if you are getting close to another aircraft, you do a 360 degree turn on the downwind leg towards the Airfield.  This takes time and separates the aircraft.  Easily done, then back to normal circuit flying.

On one approach the Aircraft didn’t lose height and I was over 500ft too high when crossing the runways threshold – so a go-around required.  On next circuit same thing happened.  Instructor checked wind direction with Redhill ATC and it turned out the wind had changed direction so I was trying to land with a tailwind.  Not a good idea.  Changed runways to 26L (which is the opposite direction) and no problems with approach and landing from then on.

Today, 1 hour and 15 mins flying time, with 2 go-arounds and eight landings.  Exercises 12 and 13.

Instructor seemed reasonably pleased with my performance and was discussing a possible solo flight.  So must be getting better.

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