Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Even More Circuits

Been a while since I’ve been flying, been on my cycling trip (just over 700Km) and on holiday in the South of France.  Still, off to Redhill this morning – weather forecast rain but sun is out and looking good.

Back in the circuit today and Runway 36 with right hand circuits in operation (see previous posts for an explanation).  Air Traffic Control told me to taxi to a holding point – then to my surprise, told me to “backtrack” along the runway.  First time I’ve heard of of this never mind been told to do it, so had to ask my Instructor what they were on about.  Basically, I taxied along the runway to the take-off point, bit like driving along a motorway the wrong way, but as ATC knew there was nothing coming the other way, that was OK.

Then it was into the circuit.  Runway 36 is tricky, everything happens very fast but I seemed to have got the hang of it.  On one approach, a young crow (presumably also taking flying lessons) got a bit close to the propeller but it managed to dive out of the way, much to my (and presumably the crow’s) relief.

On another circuit, ATC told me to turn left (I had been turning right beforehand) as they had changed from Runway 36 to 08R when I was in the circuit.  I got totally confused and had to ask the instructor where I was and where the new runway was.  Still quickly sorted out and then back to the circuit.  Changing runway partway through a circuit was another new experience for me.

Overall today, reasonably pleased with my performance.  Also a couple of new things, all of which add to experience.  Instructor also seemed reasonably happy.

Today, 50 mins flying time, exercises 12 and 13 with 6 touch and go’s and one landing.  No “go-around’s” today.

Another lesson booked for next week, here’s hoping I continue to improve.

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