Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Still More Circuits

Back to Redhill today and more circuits.  Today a bit windy again so I expect the circuit will be bumpy (it was…).  Today the wind was from the NE so Runway 08L was in use and Left Hand circuits in operation.

This is a much easier circuit pattern (in terms of time available) than my circuits a few days ago on Runway 36.  Instructor also wanted me to do most or all of the Radio calls today – getting used to these now and no longer a problem.

Nothing more I can really say about circuits that I haven’t said before.  Performance this time – disappointing.  started off with poor approach configuration but at least got a bit better through the lesson.  Landings were a bit bumpy, just didn’t seem to get the landings accurate – but the wind didn’t help.  Typically my last landing was one of my best during the lesson, so again practice probably makes perfect.  I expect most of my future lessons will be in the circuit until I’ve cracked it.

Today, Exercises 12 and 13 with 5 Touch and Go’s, 1 go-around (too high on final approach) and 1 landing.  Flying time 55 mins.

I won’t be flying for a few weeks now as I’m off on my 700km cycle ride from London to the Loire Valley in France on 14th May.  Read all about it on my cycling blog : http://big-wheel-2010.blogspot.com/

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