Thursday, 6 May 2010

Back in the Circuit

Been a while since I’ve been in the circuit – been away in France for a while and when I have been flying, I’ve been off practicing emergency landings.

Today the wind was swinging around and gusting a bit but mainly from the north so Runway 36 at Redhill was in use with Right Hand circuits.  The circuit pattern around Runway 36 is very tight due to noise abatement procedures and when on the downwind leg, you are pointing straight at Gatwick Airport.  Overshooting and arriving at Gatwick is not a good idea.  Circuit flying was somewhat bumpy due to the wind.

On one of the circuits, the Instructor got me to practice an “Emergency Forced Landing on Takeoff”.  This is where you simulate an engine failure just as you are taking off.  Basically, land back on the runway if you can (but don’t turn back unless you are quite high up) or chose a field approx 30 degrees either side of your centre line and land in that.

So a few more circuits, another practice engine failure on takeoff then land and taxi back.  My overall performance – bit disappointing.  Landings were not great and sometimes my approach on finals was a bit off target.  Still, practice makes perfect.

So that was Exercises 12, 13 and 16 with two practice engine failures (EFATO), 7 touch and go’s and 1 landing.  Flying time 55 mins.

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