Thursday, 19 September 2013


Got it.  Arrived in the post last night.

I’m now officially licensed to fly single engine aircraft as Pilot in Command.   It’s a bit scary and exhilarating at the same time.


Personal details removed for security – it’s not a fake (honest)



  1. Many congratulations.

    Have to admit to being slightly underwhelmed with the actual licence once it arrived, particularly given the amount of time, effort and money spent in qualifying for it!

    Best of luck, the real learning starts now!


  2. Really well done. I've been following your progress and I can remember the strange feeling when the licence arrived. After such a lot of work it almost feels like an anticlimax when you look at the folded bit of paper.

    Hope you've got some goals written down for what you want to do next.
    All the best with it, and perhaps see you in the skies at some point :-)

  3. Hi Andy and Chris, thanks both for your comments. It did (and still does) seem a bit underwhelming just getting a simple piece of paper after all that training and effort. I colleague of mine (who is also a Pilot) said the same thing so I think it is probably a common view. Onwards and upwards as they say....