Monday, 17 June 2013

Proper Circuits

As part of trying to catch up on my Flying training I decided to take this morning off work and head off to Redhill.  Weather was reasonable, some cloud and a light wind from the south east.  After my previous attempt at circuits (cut short due to the engine overheating) I was hoping to get some real practice in this time.  The aircraft had been checked and the spark plugs replaced so hopefully it would be OK today.

Met up with Instructor and declined a briefing as I felt I already knew how to fly a circuit at Redhill.  Runway in use today was 08R so it was off to the aircraft for usual checks and start up.  Redhill ATC cleared me to G1 which is the holding point for runway 08R.  Completed all the pre-flight checks, everything looked fine and was cleared by ATC for circuits.  Take off was fine and I noticed the engine was running slightly hotter than normal but it was well within tolerance.  The vibration had also disappeared so I was happy with its performance.   Circuit pattern on 08R is left hand so I was soon downwind, was cleared for a “touch and go” and was soon turning for final approach.  My approach wasn’t bad and my landing was OK and I had plenty of room for a “touch and go” so was soon taking off again.  On second circuit I noticed I was being blown closer to the airfield so corrected with a slight into wind heading.  The wind was obviously a bit stronger at 1200ft than at ground level.  Circuit was fine, engine was fine and I was feeling fairly confident with my flying.

After another reasonable circuit Instructor asked me to fly a glide approach.  This is where you land without using power and simulates and emergency situation.  No problems with the approach and landing and did a “touch and go” back into the circuit.  Next was a flapless landing which involves a flatter and faster approach.  Again no problems, another “touch and go” then back to the circuit.

Now I was doing my last circuit of the lesson which was back to normal flap approach with power.  Approach was fine and aircraft tipped slightly close to the ground so needed a quick correction.  All fine and the Instructor seemed happy with my performance.

Considering it has been so long since I have flown circuits I was reasonably pleased with my performance.  For my next flight it’s back to navigation exercises – let’s see how that goes.

Today Exercises 15 and 16 with six landings  Flying time 45 mins

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