Saturday, 21 April 2012


After the wet and windy weather of the past few days, today the clouds had lifted a bit and the wind had dropped. I had a lesson booked at Redhill to practice circuits with a new Instructor. I haven’t flown circuits for a while so slightly apprehensive about how I would get on.

So, arrived at Redhill, was introduced to instructor and then over to the aircraft for usual checks and start-up. No problems with check lists, start up and taxi – even my Radio calls were fine, so far so good. I was cleared for Runway 26R, which is the shorter runway at Redhill as the usual runway (26L) was a bit muddy due to the recent rain.

Take-off was fine then a climbing turn into the circuit, adjust the power and settle downwind. Usual checks and radio calls and I was soon lining up on final approach for a touch and go. My actual landing was a bit bouncy (not one of my best) but I did manage to get the aircraft on the ground and then raise one stage of flap and apply full power for take-off.

As before, take-off was fine and circuit pattern was fine then onto another bumpy landing and reasonable take-off. Instructor commented that a pattern was developing here and suggested I try a bit harder on my landing approach. That said, we would have been happy to send me solo but the objective was for me to practice circuits so keep going.

By the third time my landings were a bit better – not wonderful but better and at least the rest of my circuit flying was fine. After completing 5 touch and go’s Instructor told me to land. So after radio calls and downwind checks it was onto the final landing of the day. Approach was bang on 65kts, touched the runway in the correct place and set the aircraft almost perfectly on the ground. So at least I managed one good landing (the last one) and demonstrated to the Instructor I could actually get it right at least once.

On the debrief, Instructor said my flying was fine but my landings could do with a bit of improvement – no surprises there.

Flying time 1 hour, 5 touch and go’s and 1 landing.

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