Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Flight Planning and Performance exam

Another exam today – Flight Planning and Performance.  Seem to spend all my time studying these days, how I could do this if I was working, I have no idea.

Still off to Redhill and the Chief Flying Instructor set the exam.  He then went off flying leaving the receptionist to keep an eye on me and to time the exam.  When I’d finished, I left the papers with the receptionist and the CFI would mark them when he got back.

Well, he rang me later that afternoon saying I’d passed with 90%

So that’s five down, two to go. 

The next one, Flight Navigation is a bit hard.  I’ve been studying but not scoring well in the example questions.  Still just need to get my head down, do more studying and get on with it.  When I pass (!) my Navigation exam it’s quite an important step, as I can then fly the aircraft solo on navigation exercises under the supervision of an Instructor.

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