Monday, 15 March 2010

More Circuits

At last a decent day, sunny and almost warm.  Off to Redhill for another lesson.  When I eventually got there (M25 gridlocked and A25 closed for roadwork's) it was a bit windy.  Still off to the aircraft, usual checks and taxi out to the runway.  This time runway 26R was in use and there was a bit of a crosswind.  Wind 300 / 13kts  Circuits were right hand this time (turn right rather than left) so were exactly the reverse of the previous circuits.

It seemed even bumpier than last time and as the wind had a reasonable headwind component, I was high on approach and the crosswind component meant the aircraft approached the runway at an angle. 

Did some landings without flaps for the first time in this aircraft.  Strangely a flapless approach seemed easier than an approach with full flap.

All in all a bit of hard work and I’d describe my performance as average.  I bounced the aircraft on landing a few times (haven’t done that before) and kept forgetting silly things, or setting the flaps incorrectly on the takeoff run on a touch and go.  At least my use of the RT has improved and the instructor seemed reasonably happy with my performance overall.

I’ve had to postpone my Aviation Law exam on Weds 17th as I had a few work related things to attend to which prevented me from revising properly.  I still have a lesson booked on Weds 17th so will sort out a new date for the exam then.

Vital statistics.  Flying time 1hr 5 mins, 8 “touch and go’s” and 1 landing.  No “go around’s” this time so suppose my approach’s must have improved a bit.

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