Wednesday, 27 January 2010

First Lesson in 2010

Had a flying lesson booked for today which looked like it might actually go ahead.  All the other lessons I’ve had booked in January have been cancelled due to snow, ice, fog or other bad weather.

Drove down to Redhill, renewed my membership with Cubair for the year and did a detailed walk-around check of the aircraft.  Instructor arrived and after usual checks I started taxiing out to the departure point.  I used the R/T for the first time at Redhill.

As we moved onto the Runway (well Taxiway as the Runways were closed due to water logging), it started to rain and the visibility started reducing.  Air Traffic Control advised visibility was down to approx 6000m and the deteriorating conditions were confirmed by another pilot.

After a quick discussion with the Instructor, we decided to abandon it for the day.  The weather forecast for the afternoon was getting worse so it was unlikely to clear up anytime soon.  Also, there was a lot of moisture on the wings and there was a risk it could turn to ice during flight – not a good thing to happen.

So first flying of 2010 ended up as 10 mins taxiing and nothing else.  Next lesson booked for 2nd Feb – hope it goes better then.

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